The Loophole

Inbal Lori & Raschid Daniel Sidgi
23.-03. Apr/May ’23 and 06.-15. Oct ’23

Raschid Daniel Sidgi and Inbal Lori are walking in Thuringia. Raschid’s father fled from Sudan to what was the GDR in 1974. Inbal moved from Israel to Berlin 6 years ago. Today, Sidgi is leading Lori through a landscape of his early life. His relationship to these places is ambivalent. Childhood memories and friends contrast with being stigmatized as a stranger. Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, Israeli, German and Sudanese. These are the layers of biography and identity that they carry with them everywhere they go. Together, they are walking the topics of escape, migration, fitting and not fitting, and all these in areas where nowadays the xenophobia is on the rise and the radical right movements are gaining power.

At the Conference you can join Inbal and Raschid’s workshop Walkshop for Duos.


Inbal Lori is a graduate of Jerusalem Art High School (1994) and Nissan Nativ acting studio (2000). Since then she has been writing and acting for television and theatre and has won prizes and scholarships for her acting and writing. Lori started improvising in Tel Aviv in 2001 within the 3FALLING company and ran an improvisation school in the city from 2013 – 2017. In 2015 Lori moved to Berlin and since then she has taught and performed all over the world in places like the USA, Canada, Australia, Colombia and Europe. Her performances include her solo show “Fragments of Life” and duo shows “CLICK” with Tim Orr (San Francisco), “The Lorilees” with Lee White (Canada), “The Fun Fatales” with Paula Galimberti (Spain) and “Playing with the Enemy” with an Arab improviser Zaki Zikani. In Berlin she is working with and coaching the groups “Die Gorillas” and “ImproBerlin”.

Raschid Daniel

Raschid Daniel Sidgi was born in Weimar as a German-Sudanese. He works as a freelance artist: actor for stage, film, TV and radio, musician, producer, rapper, director, activist. He has been improvising theatre for about 15 years. He is a founding member of the Theaterturbine in Leipzig and plays regularly with THEATERSPORT Berlin. Since 2014 he has also been the artistic director of the international impro festival MOMENTA in Leipzig. Sidgi’s work has been shown at numerous festivals and stages at home and abroad. With the Titanick theatre, he won the “Best Performance” award at the Tvardava Teatar international theatre festival in Belgrade, Serbia, in 2010 with the production “Odyssee”. The staging of his play “Where no wind blows” received the 2012 Heidelberg Theater Prize Puck. In 2017 he performed « 89/90 » (Schauspiel Leipzig) at the Berlin Theatertreffen.

The Biggest Spectacle in the World

Mathilde Vrignaud & DISCOllective
08.-17. Apr ’23 and 23. – 01. Aug/Sep ’23

DISCOllective and Mathilde Vrignaud are walking in the rural areas of Prekmurje, Slovenia. They are walking backwards, moving forward while watching the biggest spectacle ever: the world they are walking from. This artistic proposal puts them thus in the role of professional spectators. And as such they are inviting people they meet on the road, different local communities and people from other places to join them as spectators of this inexhaustible spectacle. Their walking proposal is an embodied experience of observing life and exploring how lives, events and experiences weave themselves into a delicate embroidery of coexistence. Their second Walk is dubbed The Reversing Backwalk, where their backwalk transforms also in reversing an apartment, reversing stones, reversing writing, reversing dance and whatever else comes their way and calls for reversal.

At the Conference you can join Mathilde and DISCOllective’s workshop Walking Backwards Towards Reversed Theater



Mathilde Vrignaud is a choreographer, dancer, performer, based in Paris. She trained at the CNSMDP, Royaumont Abbey, CND and in different programs in Europe, USA and India. Since 2011, with various artistic collaborations and Ensemble Lab // SEM, she has been developing her multidisciplinary choreographic approach in different formats. The walk and the improvisation is one of her basic practices since 2015.


DISCOllective is DISCOvering a DISCOllocation of people, events, things, notions, beings; as a dancer, performer, choreographer, clown, teacher, writer, producer; and presents the discoveries in formats like performance, installation, happenings, clown acts, publication, workshop, lecture. Once being stationed in Ljubljana, Slovenia, he now practices nomadism, working, living and creating in various places around Europe.

The Grimm Sisters

Ramona Krönke & Beatrix Brunschko
15.-24. May ’23 and 15.-24. Sep ’23

Ramona Krönke and Beatrix Brunschko are the Grimm Sisters. They are wandering through Brandenburg to collect contemporary folk poetry – stories, legends, rumors, anecdotes, mysteries, tragedies and comedies from everyday life in this region. Like the Grimm Brothers 200 years earlier, they want to save folk poetry from oblivion and preserve a unique collection of stories for posterity. Their role models are the forgotten women and fairy tale contributors who set out to collect fairy tales, legends and myths for the Grimm Brothers, with which the brothers built a monument for themselves for all eternity. After collecting the stories, they refabricate them artistically and give them back to Brandenburg, assigning places and monuments where they happened, performing them in shows, writing them in a book, telling stories to people they meet on the way.

At the Conference you can join Beatrix and Ramona’s workshop Wie eine Märchensammlung entsteht…



Beatrix Brunschko is a founding member of the Theater im Bahnhof in Graz, where she works as an actress, director and improviser. She is the artistic director of their improvisational program, a member of the international artistic collective Orcas Island Project, a member of the impro ensemble Theater an der Gumpendorferstraße in Vienna, a performer and co-creator of the international project Community. In 2018, she co-founded two feminist impro collectives – My Own Private Moskow and Mary Shelley’s Mothers. As a performer and a pedagogue, she has performed at various festivals in Europe, North America and Australia. She is Senior Lecturer for dramatic Arts at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz.


Ramona Krönke grew up in the region of Brandenburg and is one of the female pioneers of German-language impro theatre. She co-founded the 1st Berlin Impro Stage in 1994, later the impro company Quatsch Comedy Club and in 1997 the artistic collective « Die Gorillas », of which she is still a member. For eight years she impersonated the leading role in the weekly live radio play « Ohrenzeuge » for the public broadcasting company Berlin/Brandenburg. With the comedic solo show « Cavewoman » she has been touring Germany with great success for 15 years. Krönke leads the Gorillas impro school and has been a teacher of improvisation for 20 years, among others for the Academy for Children’s Media and the Film University Baden Württemberg.

Je suis Hermann

Julie Doyelle & Christelle Delbrouck
09.-18. May ’23 and 11.-20. Sep ’23

Two women, two stools, a thermos of coffee. Along their walk, when Julie Doyelle and Christelle Delbrouck meet someone, they take the time to sit down, to discover each other, to share. They weave a joyful thread between people they meet, carrying presents from one to the other, singing a song and repeating a few words that their previous guest has shared. Their Walk takes place in the Belgian and French Ardennes, on the border of the Gaume. Their goal is to discover the humans living there, understand why they do and what they wish for their neighbors. In each social situation, they imagine which artistic production could be usefull, and go for it!

At the Conference you can join Christelle and Julie’s workshop Pépites.



Christelle Delbrouck is a Belgian artist, above all a specialist in theatre improvisation. She won numerous awards and titles at improvisational festivals and competitions all over the Francophone world. She was part of the Tadam Company, she created shows Nadette, A vous de me le dire and Rugueux, she has been part of the Magic Land Theatre team and Moquette Productions. She is an actress in TV production: Full Speed, Il était une fois and Tchatche (Plug TV), Fritkot (RTL / TVI and HD1), Pas sortis de l’auberge (RTL / TVI), A tort ou à raison (RTBF), Ennemi Public, La Trêve, Les Rivières Pourpres, Papa ou Maman, L’Opéra. And an actress in film: Au nom du Fils by Vincent Lannoo, Supercondriaque by Dany Boon, 2 jours, une nuit by Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Belgian Disaster! by Patrick Glotz, Comment j’ai rencontré mon père by Maxime Motte, Tamara by Alexandre Castagnetti, La Terre et le sang by Julien Leclercq.


Julie Doyelle is a puppeteer, actress, director and pedagogue, originally from Strasbourg and now based in Lyon. She is a graduate of the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg. An actress in cinema (directed by Klaus Salminen, Ludger Lemper, Beatrix Brunschko, Maja Dekleva, Jean-Philippe Lehoux, Philippe Muyard), in theatre (with Joëlle Sévilla, Alexander Zeldin, Sarkis tcheumlekdjian, Gérard Col, Matthieu Loos), in Forum Theatre (Naje company), and a puppeteer (Cyril Bourgois, Brice Coupey, Filip Auchère, Stéphane Joris, Virginie Schell & Gabriel Hermand-Priquet). She started improvising in 1995 at Inédit Théâtre, she then founded Et Compagnie, which she co-directed until 2014. She co-directed the Spontanéous festival from 2003 to 2013. Today she works within companies Combats Absurdes, Amadeus Rocket and Vilain.e.s, where artistic and political come together.

The Route to the Roots

Alenka Marinič & Giovanni Fusetti
02.-11. May ’23 and 12.-21. Sep ’23

Alenka Marinič and Giovanni Fusetti are walking on the border between Italy and Slovenia, in a land they decided to name Slotalia. While walking, they are creating from this land and the people that have been for centuries living in an area full of conflict due to wars, nationalism, differences in political systems, lately covid closures and the rise of radical right wing parties and organizations. On the other hand people in this area coexist and co-create in the rich and beautiful mixture of languages and cultures. Marinič and Fusetti are working with these topics through physical theatre, embodiment, mimodynamics, street interventions, poetry and a show Welcome to Slotalia that keep being enriched by the walking experience.

At the Conference you can join Alenka and Giovanni’s workshop The Mimodynamic of the Land.



Alenka Marinič is a Ljubljana based theatre artist and one of the founders of collective Narobov, devoted to exploring live and living art, be it street interventions, theatre events, radio interventions or interactive performances. The methods and concepts are based on improvisation and collective work. Besides Narobov she is a co-founder of a two women theatre company Bimbo Teater and a physical theatre company Globus Hystericus. She is working as an actress and a writer on television, in film, on radio and in clown projects. Alenka has been performing and teaching improvisation, clown play and physical theatre in Slovenia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Ireland, USA, Croatia and the Netherlands.


Giovanni Fusetti is an Italian multidisciplinary artist. Natural scientist, theatre artist, pedagogue, Gestalt therapist, he works as a teacher, director and process facilitator, exploring theatre as a tool for artistic training, educational healing and emotional awareness. Trained in agriculture and ecology at the University of Padova, he became passionate about the social and educational use of theatre. Street theatre, puppets, storytelling, clown and political theatre, led him to the Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris, where he was student, pedagogic assistant and teacher of improvisation. He has been the pedagogical director of KIKLOS school and he is the founding – pedagogic director of HELIKOS, International School of Theatre Creation, founded in Florence in 2010 and now based in Padova, Italy.

Along the Weight

Marko Mayerl & Sean Gittins
24. -03. Apr/May ’23 and 17.-26. Sep ’23

Marko Mayerl and Sean Gittins are walking on the Compostelle Pilgrim path in South-West France, questioning together the weights we are all carrying through our lives. Past, people, relationships, family, collective memory, culture, history, emotions, financial responsibility, work responsibility, knowledge, burden, support. In order to embrace this topic on a tangible level, the artists are first carrying 10kg of clay in their backpack. Then, this experience leads to the collaborative writing of a theater play they are performing on the path.

At the Conference you can join Sean and Marko’s workshop Facing the Weight.


Sean Gittins is a theatre and television actor, writer, teacher, and a trained play therapist and meditation teacher. He is based in London and Italy, originally being from South Wales. He has trained with various teachers in London and Europe and spent two years at L’Ecole Philippe Gaulier in Paris training in clown, improvisation and theatre, and two years at the Actor’s Temple in London, specialising in the Meisner technique and advanced theatrical improvisation along with script analysis. He teaches at several organisations in London including Azbuka school, Goldsmiths University and in private practice. Recent projects include improvisation performances in France with Inédit Théâtre, several commercials for leading brands in the UK, arts council England-funded projects and working with The Fabulous Backstrom Brothers on their new clown-inspired show.


Marko Mayerl is an actor, improviser, author and teacher. He has been artistic director of the company Inédit Théâtre for over 20 years and is founder of the Amateur Theatrical Improvisation League in Strasbourg. He is trained as an improviser, mime, clown and, more recently, he discovered the Meisner technique, in which he trained in London. His work with Inédit Théâtre has many aspects, for example, the non-stop week long impro shows, which aimed to question time, the relationship to the public, and instant theatrical creation. He also created and performs Slow, a theatrical show and technique that aims to create theatrical moments out of what already exists on stage. Marko is also an applied theatre practitioner and is passionate about using theatre as a tool for social transformation. He also works at the University of Strasbourg as a theatre teacher.


Maja Dekleva Lapajne & Matthieu Loos
09.-18. Sep ’22 and 25.-04 Sep/Oct ’23

Maja Dekleva Lapajne and Matthieu Loos are the artistic co-directors of the Along the Walk project. By walking themselves and experiencing the process, they shape their artistic vision, keep developing the project and discover what all it is and where it can lead to. Their first Walk in Alsace, France, is an opportunity to try out the artistic, productional and research principles that are later frames for all the other Walks. Their second Walk in Notranjska and Dolenjska, Slovenia, is a space of reflection, a space to revisit the main theme of deceleration and reprocess the project so far, a space for preparation for sharing the project wider through the Book and the Conference. Their fundamental artistic guideline is »collect and share«: the artistic transformation of what is perceived by the artists on their path and with the people they meet. Once the experience is artistically reprocessed, it feeds back the land and the people, co-creating the space of living.


Maja Dekleva Lapajne is a director, performer, member of Kolektiv Narobov, artistic director of the Naked Stage Festival. Her current projects include: Underwater, a performative concert on precarious life; Community, a piece performed by an international cast with various different economic, political and cultural backgrounds dealing with questions of collaboration, co-creation and coexistence; 4play, a performance by Mary Shelley’s Mothers, focusing on the topic of sex through feministic standpoints; Silver Gold, a project where different dance generations meet, exchange memories and create new ones; Life.Refabricated., a performative and writing practice with Norbert Sven Fö on topics of improvisation, revolution and love. In the years 2013-2015 she was one of the directors in the European project Should I Stay or Should I Go?, in the years 2017 – 2019 she was the artistic director of the international cooperation project Our Lives.


Matthieu Loos is an artist trained in Strasbourg and an Alsatian scientist deformed in dramatic art. After graduate studies in physics and a solid experience as a teenage actor, his professional life began between 2002 and 2006 through the simultaneous jobs of research engineer and actor. In both fields, the same desire to represent the world agitates him, combining a taste for uncertainty and its poetic rigor. Insubmissive poet, he is the author of the book « A clock is not time », published by Libel in November 2016. Actor, he sails between theatre and audiovisual, sometimes leaving the company life (Ostinato / Olivier Maurin, Amadeus Rocket / Alexandre Chetail, Inédit Théâtre / Marko Mayerl) for that, more solitary, of film sets. Since 2010, he is orchestrating the collective creations of Combats Absurdes. And since 2023, he is the co-director of « Le Ciel, European stage for children and youth », based in Lyon.